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The Preppiest

Are you preppy enough?

Boca Raton <33
Boca Raton
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN BOCA and ur phone area code MUST be 561. NO PROMOTING FROM OTHER COMMUNITIES! must be active. Rules
♥ This is a rating community. There are many different kinds of people these days. This should be a place to bring together all of you. AND BE NICE, but truthful
♥ As any rating community, you will be judged. If you are easily offended, watch out. If you apply, we will not lie to you. Don`t complain if you don`t get accepted. You can always try again. If you don`t get accepted the second time threw, your out!
♥ You must fill out an application form completely. If you do not apply after 48 hours of joining, you will be banned.
♥ The application must go under a lj-cut. You will get a warning. if it isn`t changed, the entry will be deleted and you can try once more.
♥ when applying, put the words "boca = life" in either the subject line or the lj-cut text, so we know you read the rules.
♥ Do not post without being accepted first. You will be banned.
♥ Please wait for a MOD to stamp you before you post/promote/rate.

Accepted Members
♥ Continue to be active in the community posting pictures, surveys, anything.
♥ remember, all pictures must be under a lj-cut.
♥ vote vote vote on new members. In the subject line of the comment, make sure it says yes or no.
♥ Promote as much as you can. When you do promote, leave links to where.
♥ please don`t promote other communities here. there are many communities made for just that. if there are promotion entries, they will just be deleted.

1. Name
2. Age
3. DOB
4. School

1. Gay Marriage
2. Abortion
3. Bush/Kerry and why
4. What do you think about the war in Iraq?

1. Mall in South Florida
2. Store in Town Center
3. Candy
4. Drink
5. Song(s)
6. Movie(s)
7. Book(s)
8. Color
9. Band(s)/Singer(s)

Is there anything else you want to tell?

Post at least 2 clear pictures of yourself.